_Scratch, scratch, scratch, leave your nails behind, leave your trace, your disgrace.

I like to picture idiots as full time workers. Being an idiot to those around you implies an effort, a momentum, that cannot just be achieved casually for a particular situation. No. Being an idiot (any kind of idiot really – all of them could easily be accommodated within the spectrum of the triad oblivious-evil-arrogant) is a proper 9 to 5 job, with 45 minutes for lunch, overtime is allowed and paid for and annual leave is always sold to obtain additional idiotic time.

When a sociopath manages to go beyond the horizon of reality, they become idiots as well. Manipulation of people is an art, and it relies in not being caught doing it. When you have moved on onto a different reality, this awareness vanishes and all is left is clumsy idiocy, that helps incur in pathetic mistakes, perpetuating the mess and spreading it over everything and everyone.

But in this scenario, we have a mandatory Alpha creature that rule over all the idiocy. We have the idiot that never, ever learns. The Flat Circle Idiot. The Downward Spiral of Idiocy. Truce is not possible. You can only win by complete defeat.

There is a paradox about the Alpha Idiot though, and this is that for you to win, you need to jump into their Circle, down their Spiral, and finish it from the very inside. You need to expose your guts, your anger, your fear is now a blade that you swing ruthlessly at anything that moves. That´s it. You are part of it now.

Good luck making your way out of that sort of filth.

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