Sort of introduced my Mother Dear to a proven fact here, very well depicted (to an extremely hilarious level) in the film Idiocracy. It´s pretty obvious that things in real life will hopefully not develop in the terms described in the movie, but in essence, the key thing is that a higher education and a more interesting career etc, leads most people to not be interested in getting attached with anyone. 

Being alone is some times a much better option than dragging or being dragged by somebody. I find somewhat retarded justifying the benefits of being in a long term relationship saying that “that way you have someone to rely on, someone to share your life with”. Like if your friends, or even your workmates (even if I don´t consider most of these my friends) aren´t more involved in your life than your partner. 

There is one way and one way only in which I will ever have a family of my own, and it is so damn specific that I assumed already that it won´t happen. Of course, things might change, someone could show up out of fucking nowhere and be like “hey”, and I would “hey” them back and wake up and brew coffee like a barista, for the two of us. 

This is real, it could happen. What I cannot change is all my other baggage. 


A footballer is a “person” that, upon threat or assault pretends to be massively hurt in order to gain advantage over others, often provoking stupid situations in which 2 of them are acting in the same shitty way and not actually injured. 

Like if, if someone was to headbutt you right in the nose you wouldn´t glass them before they can get any closer. 


That moment, when you have been drinking for ten (10) hours and you thought that everything was going to sink eventually but it actually doesn´t and you are like: 

– fffffff boi. I am PISSED.

– No you are not.

– You are right. I could do with a fresher pint. 

Too many hours listening to freestyle kid, you don´t even know. 

Sometimes is hard to differentiate the facts from the opinion, like if you were engaging in that crap too much and all sorts. Do you know what I am on about? Exactly. That´s what I thought. 

Remember the Struggle Time, when it hurt to think in The Language. What now? Now I just let the flow go its way while I sip and neck and shotgun. What day is it? Fuck knows buddy. 

Fuck knows. 

_Sudden realization II

Ser un misántropo redomado y descubrir cómo de la nada estás dedicando tu vida a hundir la cabeza en la mierda para ayudar a los demás es bastante aterrador. Sobre todo viendo las cosas que he dejado de lado – hipotéticamente – para llegar a donde estoy ahora. 

Qué cosas tiene la vida. 


We never really came together or agreed in many ways when we shared The Ribbon Factory. But seeing you last night with your kid, the way you are educating her… I am completely blown up. She is a lucky kid. A happy kid. 

Looking forward for The Future To Come.