_Knock’em Stiff

What is your excuse?

It’s all too familiar.

Gratuitous failure is just the first step of complex entitlement.

And let me clarify the above. There’s so many talented people in this world. You have most likely gone through the spasmodic motions of School and possibly University too, with little to no effort. Nothing really got in your way. Your choices allowed for that comfort. It’s only natural that when presented with actual challenge, you crumble and quit.

The world moves too fast. The world is unfair. Unhealthy.

I do indeed apologise, but I refuse to see privilege where there’s in fact hustle. Do other factors play a part? Of course they do, but those were not the unequivocal causers of your failure, while they are a critical part of my success-in-progress.

I choose to embrace my limitations but at the same time, I am taking no hostages. I put everything in the line. I made it work. Self-loathing (to be honest, I know no other way) kept me in check.

I hacked it.

There’s no shortcuts for self-realisation.