_Bouncy balls

You cannot kill a feeling by shooting it right in the head and walking away. Be certain that it will follow your trace back home and hit you back hard, just as you were about to fall asleep, right before you rinse the shampoo off your eyes, while you are trying to read that book that has been by your bedside for the last year and a half

The only way to kill a feeling is to help it kindly to the floor and kneel next to it, while it looks back at you in a daze of confusing discomfort. And then while you reassure that everything is going to be ok, then you grab it by the throat and hold on to it, tightening the grip gradually until blue arises all over its lips and cheeks. You grab the neck of the bastard and whisper “it’s ok. It’s all good” and stay there even if it gasps even if its claws dig in deep in your forearm or face.

You cannot escape from your feelings without making sure that they are not breathing anymore, without full-time involvement in their death.