_Ssssssuper early shift.

I seem to get more hits than ever these days. At least when “ever” stands for pretty much the last 2 or 3 years. It was never coincidental, back in the day when people had still something to write for, to have a peak of hits. Something was going on.

Usually, some crazy persona would find you and read the entirety of your posts in 2 hours. Then claim possession over a particular landmark of your mind.

There is still people that pathetically erupt in judgement after I have said something. The thing is, I reckon I am being surprisingly mild in terms of out-loud-statements. Not just to cover myself, but to avoid scaring off absolutely every human being that I come in contact with.

Recent events have made me almost pretty much discard a few things that I used to do on a regular basis. For many reasons. It´s good when you actually realise that something is not right and take action, as opposed as not taking any action. Funnily enough, I think there is absolutely no difference regardless you take a reactive or impassible approach: The shit still remains, but if it works at a personal level, then that has to be good enough.

Because no-one can go beyond that.

This is super early shit. Actually not that early, but still pretty fucking tiring to think about, for that matter.

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