Sort of introduced my Mother Dear to a proven fact here, very well depicted (to an extremely hilarious level) in the film Idiocracy. It´s pretty obvious that things in real life will hopefully not develop in the terms described in the movie, but in essence, the key thing is that a higher education and a more interesting career etc, leads most people to not be interested in getting attached with anyone. 

Being alone is some times a much better option than dragging or being dragged by somebody. I find somewhat retarded justifying the benefits of being in a long term relationship saying that “that way you have someone to rely on, someone to share your life with”. Like if your friends, or even your workmates (even if I don´t consider most of these my friends) aren´t more involved in your life than your partner. 

There is one way and one way only in which I will ever have a family of my own, and it is so damn specific that I assumed already that it won´t happen. Of course, things might change, someone could show up out of fucking nowhere and be like “hey”, and I would “hey” them back and wake up and brew coffee like a barista, for the two of us. 

This is real, it could happen. What I cannot change is all my other baggage. 

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