Respira, eso ya es una pequeña victoria. ¿Qué más quieres?


That moment, when you have been drinking for ten (10) hours and you thought that everything was going to sink eventually but it actually doesn´t and you are like: 

– fffffff boi. I am PISSED.

– No you are not.

– You are right. I could do with a fresher pint. 

Too many hours listening to freestyle kid, you don´t even know. 

Sometimes is hard to differentiate the facts from the opinion, like if you were engaging in that crap too much and all sorts. Do you know what I am on about? Exactly. That´s what I thought. 

Remember the Struggle Time, when it hurt to think in The Language. What now? Now I just let the flow go its way while I sip and neck and shotgun. What day is it? Fuck knows buddy. 

Fuck knows.