_Burnt toasts

I wake up. It´s freezing cold, I am only wearing a t-shirt. Black, basic t-shirt. An Always t-shirt. No jeans or anything else. There is a blanket next to me, somehow I managed to get rid of it… over… night?

I look around while my eyes get used to the light level and realise that I am pretty much on the floor. There is a thin, shitty mattress in between me and the carpet. After 5 seconds I recognise the room and think “holy fucking christ”.

I stand up way too confidently and almost lose balance and fall on my back against the floor. My head just turns and turns internally in a blur of dizziness. I hold onto the cabinet next to me. My stuff is on top of it, somewhat organised. I look for my jeans and eventually find them behind the door.

My leather belt presses everything together and I start stuffing my pockets with my tobacco, phone, wallet, keys etc. Check my watch before I put it on: 0730hrs.

Holy Mother of Jesus. 

I stumble into the toilet. I feel so dehydrated that cannot even think in taking a piss or vomiting. I need water. I open the tap and start chugging in the liquid, 5 gallons at a time. I accidentally opened the hot water tap. I still drink until I cannot take the heat anymore. Spit that last almost boiling water mouthful back into the sink. 

I come out and I see you wrapped in the duvet, in a ball of absolute filth. 

“I am off” I say, somehow. 

“Mmhhjj… ?”

“How the fuck do I open the gate?”

“There is a red button to the left of the gate before you get to the actual gate…”


I get on top of you, dry hump you 3 or 4 times. 

“Ooh… it´s happening finally…” You sort of react. 

I kiss you in the cheek and say thanks for the night. 

“See you mate. Catch you some other day”



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