_Discard your hand.

– Yeah, and actually, well. I actually have been writing about it for about 7 years now.

– 7 years?

Sips from his beer. Drags from his rollie.

– Yeah… obviously when I was younger and naiver and quite stupid and emotion driven I used to literally get pissed in my parents´ house and beat the shit down of that keyboard… many times I got something genuine to work with personally after sort of exposing it to the “public” (HA!), but most of it was crap.

– It´s good though, you have been working on something for 7 years. It´s like everything else – a relationship, wine, a band.


– I honestly don´t know mate. A relationship with yourself? With myself? It is pretty complicated when you cannot run away from The Facts.

– Can I have a look at it?

– Most of it is written in Spanish, but yeah, go on then.

They sip. Drag. Sip. Sip. SIP

– Can you develop something for 7 years and be like not even half way through it. That is the fucking problem. But unlike many other things, the longer it takes the better, you know what I mean.

– I guess. But it´s almost like kinda impossible to try to devise any conclusion. It will just happen.

– It Will Just Happen. In Caps.

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